Church of Scientology Clearwater, Florida CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IN CLEARWATER, FLORIDA
Church of Scientology in Clearwater (Flag Service Organization): the Mecca of the Scientology religion. Religious and spiritual retreat for Scientology parishioners.
What is the purpose of Scientology religious retreats?

Church of Scientology Clearwater Celebrates 76th Anniversary of Fort Harrison CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CLEARWATER CELEBRATES 76TH ANNIVERSARY OF FORT HARRISON
Anniversary celebration of Scientology religious retreat and Clearwater landmark, the Fort Harrison Hotel.
  • Gala Celebration of the 76th Anniversary of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater Florida
  • Scientology Fort Harrison Hotel
  • Church of Scientology Groundbreaking Ceremony with Mr. David Miscavige

    On the evening of November 21st 1998, in Clearwater Florida, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, officiated a milestone event in Scientology’s history.

    Church of Scientology's Newest Addition to Downtown Clearwater, Florida CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY'S NEWEST ADDITION TO DOWNTOWN CLEARWATER, FLORIDA
    Second phase of construction of the new church building for Scientology in Clearwater, Florida, well underway.
    Stately Clearwater Oak STATELY CLEARWATER OAK
    Arborist Loren Westenberger moved a 100-year-old live oak 120 feet from the center of the lot where an addition to the Church of Scientology is being built in Clearwater, Florida.
    Church of Scientology owned Coachman Building In Clearwater Dedicated To One Of The 2000 Great Floridians COACHMAN BUILDING IN CLEARWATER DEDICATED TO ONE OF THE 2000 GREAT FLORIDIANS
    The Coachman Building, known as the Church of Scientology's training headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, was built by a man named Solomon Smith Coachman in 1917.
    Clearwater Volunteers and the Church of Scientology in Action SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEERS IN CLEARWATER
    Clearwater, Florida Scientology volunteers share a sense of social responsibility to better their community.

    Scientology Volunteer Minister Activities
    Drug-Free Marshals DRUG-FREE MARSHALS
    The Drug-Free Marshals program is a national, non-religious anti-drug campaign. Geared toward young teens and pre-teens, the program helps them to make the decision to remain drug-free and to help others make the same decision.
    International Children Crusade in Clearwater INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN CRUSADE
    With increasing reports of violence involving youth, the protection and care of children has become an important international concern.
    The History of Clearwater HISTORY OF CLEARWATER
    The many responses to Freedom magazine (published by the Church of Scientology Clearwater) from local Clearwater residents show that our readers are interested in Clearwater and want to know more about it.
    Part One: The Beginnings
    Part Two: The Healthiest Spot on Earth
    Part Three: Clearwater Roars into the 1900s
    Part Four: The Good Old Days
    Part Five: The Gala Decade
    Part Six: Boom Days!
    Part Seven: Hard Times
    Part Eight: The Road Back
    Part Nine: The Tides Of War
    Part Ten: Clearwater Pitches in
    Part Eleven: Local Citizens Welcomed Troops Bound for Combat
    Church of Scientology Tampa NEW ADDITION TO TAMPA
    A new church of Scientology on North Habana Ave.

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